Virtual credit card: how to generate?

Did you know that creating a virtual credit card is a feature accessible to any Internet user? Even if you already have a physical credit card you usually use for your purchases, you can always access these types of cards in case of an emergency and make payments online from your computer, smartphone or tablet .


What is a Virtual Credit Card?

What is a Virtual Credit Card?

A virtual credit card consists of a temporary card that can be created online (never being a physical card) to carry out national or international transactions (ie, both on Portuguese and foreign websites) safely.

This card is linked to the bank account on your order, but it has a temporary validity, which means that your data will disappear after some time.

And if you already hold a credit card, are you sure that it includes all the benefits it could be worth – such as airline miles , points , rebates or even cashback ?


What are the advantages?

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For anyone who is a fan of online shopping, a credit card (physical or virtual credit card) is almost indispensable to pay for your purchases on the Internet.

Although e-commerce sites are increasingly improved in terms of user safety, the truth is that online shopping there is always some fear that you are giving away so much financial information regarding your credit card.

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One of the ways to avoid possible fraud is to create a virtual credit card, as this will never provide the merchant with the data of your real card and the limits of use of these cards are pre-defined by you.

Since you can even create a virtual card for every payment you need to make, it becomes easier to prevent fraud with a virtual credit card.


How to make a virtual credit card?

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First of all, you need to be registered with MB Net. With this service, you can create virtual cards easily from the MB Way app and pay this way on any website that accepts payments from Visa , Mastercard or American Express networks.

Then stop the MB Way application, connect to it and click on the “MB NET Generate Card” option. It will then be faced with two options: to generate a “single purchase card” – valid for one month and will only serve a single purchase – or a “merchant card” – whose validity can extend up to one year and allows transactions, but only in one merchant.

Then you must indicate the maximum amount you need to have on the card (and note that this value will always be equal to or greater than 5 euros) and, if you have opted for the “merchant card”, you will have to define which validity you want for it.

Then you will be prompted for your MB Way PIN and after this step the MB Net virtual credit card data (ie your credit card number, the expiration date and the CVV2 / CVC2 codes) so that you can then finalize the payment for your online purchases.


Pay attention

Through the MB Way app you can use the MB Net service with the debit and credit cards you already have and you do not have to create virtual cards for this purpose.

Even if you continue to use your physical credit card for online purchases (and note that many cards have benefits associated with their use and therefore worth using), you can always switch your payments with a virtual credit card as a measure additional safety features.

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